Today the family went for a trip to England’s smallest city, Wells. Things didn’t go as planned and we only managed to see the cathedral (and even that not as well as we’d like, what with a daughter running around inside and a son crying because of teething), but it was well worth it. I love Gothic (England has more of it than you can shake a really big stick at); add ecclesial buildings to the mix and you’ve caught my attention; if it’s a cathedral, then my imagination goes into hyperdrive, trying to picture what celebrations would be like back in the day. When I look at these cathedrals, the engineer-that-might-have-been in me doesn’t really stir; he doesn’t look and try to figure out how the structure is working, or how it was even built. No, when I look at these marvels, the liturgical “enthusiast” in me stirs; he tries to read the layout, to understand its liturgical significance, to visualize the celebrations themsleves.

Anyway, here are some photos the missus took. Enjoy!

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