I’m trying to develop the habit of giving my godson a gift on Easter and the anniversary of his baptism. This year I ended up making him something, which I’m hoping will be useful. God willing, he will be starting “Sunday school” sometime soon; while I live half a world away, I want to help him grow in the Faith, so that he may one day be “perfect in Christ”.

One of the things that really made the Bible come alive for me was typology. I thought there might be some book on the market aimed for children; I couldn’t find one so I ended up making one. The idea was pretty simple: one page with typological images; on the opposing page, the relevant Scripture verses and a quote by one of the Church Fathers. While not an extensive book, I think it’s a good start to putting him on the path to understanding the Scriptures in a Catholic way. Bellow are a few pictures taken from the book.








3 thoughts on “Old and New

  1. Br. Gregory, you might consider doing this on a large scale and pursuing publication. I can imagine there are a number of folks who’d be interested in purchasing something like this for their children (or themselves!).


  2. I have been looking for something like this too! I did find a couple of picture books, but not really what I was after. Would you be willing to share your book?


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